About COPEC University

COPEC University is an educational workshop series offering personal development opportunities presented by industry experts on a mission to educate. Presentations are given in an informational format, making this a perfect opportunity to learn more about how to grow your business, plan for your future, care for loved ones and more. 

COPEC University classes cover professional wellness, financial wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, and physical wellness.

  • 16 classes are offered from starting at 9am with the last class at 12:45pm
  • Attendees can choose to stay for one hour or all four. You are not required to stay for the entire day, it is your choice.
  • Individuals of all ages are invited to attend
  • Breakfast, lunch and beverages provided by the Dublin Sunny Street Cafe are included with each ticket
  • Free Parking
  • Tickets are only $25 for entire day

Free for all active-duty military, reservists, military dependents & all honorably discharged veterans. Upon registration, use discount code: USVeteran
Proof of service must be shown upon arrival the day of the event for entry
Presented by The Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, Indiana Wesleyan University-Hilliard, Retirement Strategies, Ltd., and Golowin Legal, LLC
To watch Gail Hogan interview with Jay Lindner and Kip Morse click here: Daytime Columbus Interview

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COPEC University is an educational workshop series offering personal development opportunities presented by industry experts on a mission to educate. We hope to see you there!

Testimonials 13

  1. Jesse R. Roberts Attendee

    Thank you COPEC. The opportunity to experience the February 22, 2014 event was very informative. I liked the style of curriculum class set up and the knowledge that the presenters offered. Going to the COPEC event was twofold for me. I love to network and learn more but also at this time am in transition. The setting at Indiana Wesleyan is perfect for the learning experience and the programs; the schedule and offerings by COPEC are geared to many diverse groups or individuals. I look forward to attending many more of these events and keeping up with COPEC and what they are doing for the professional community of Central Ohio.

  2. Michelle Cannell Director of Member Impact - Liberty Township/Powell YMCA

    I thought it was a great experience for the participants! Attendees were very interactive and eager to learn everything they could during their sessions. They felt comfortable asking questions, giving some advice to the other participants with an overall feeling like they could engage during the whole session. Many wanted to take as much information with them when they left (i.e. handouts, business cards etc). It was also nice to see how the attendees interacted with each other as they were leaving about what the rest of the day looked like for them.

  3. Johnathan Greentree Attendee

    It was a positive learning experience. I recently attended a half-day series of classes at COPEC University, and was extremely impressed with the variety and quality of classes offered. The topics were relevant, the instructors experienced and well prepared, and overall, it was a positive learning experience. I heartily recommend COPEC University and look forward to attending the next series of classes.

  4. Olivia Leonard Attendee

    Thank you for so much great knowledge. I plan on attending future COPEC University events since I learned so much by attending the last one.

  5. Dana L Zager, MA, ATR-BC, MSW, LISW, OSW-C Director of Social Work and Bereavement Services - Wexner Heritage Village, Zusman Hospice

    It is wonderful to be a part of such a great day of offerings. At COPEC University I had the opportunity to present to a wonderful group of individuals currently serving as caregivers for someone they love. The day was filled with many programs that allowed individuals to gain knowledge, support and insight into areas related to daily life management. With so much emphasis on an aging population and many changes in care reform and the needs of caregivers, it is wonderful to be a part of such a great event lead by so many knowledgeable professionals. I look forward to continued opportunities to be part of the COPEC speakers program and to attending topics of interest as well.

  6. Erin Higgins Attendee

    I thought it was great! I went to a couple of the Linkedin sessions. I’ve been to several Linkedin classes since I’ve been unemployed and I still learned things I didn’t know. The friend that was with me is just learning about it so she learned a ton! I went to the branding session too which was also very informative.

  7. Jim Hatch Career Strategies - Jewish Family Services

    COPEC University on February 22 was first-rate! With quality presentations in a beautiful corporate setting. The sessions I personally attended were excellent on Using Social Media, Writing a Persuasive Bio, and the Importance of Branding. These and other topics would be highly useful for professionals in a career transition. There were additional topics of great interest on retirement planning, healthcare insurance, etc. which would be terrific for baby-boomers and others planning for the future generally. All-in-all, a quality effort by the planners from COPEC and the great presenters from local community businesses.

  8. Megan Amaya, PhD, CHES, AFAA Director of Health Promotion & Wellness - The Ohio State University

    COPEC University was an educational and worthwhile experience for attendees. Attendees were attentive, asked questions, participated in group discussions and lended their own personal experiences to the conversation/topic at hand. They were very engaged. Many asked if they could connect with speakers after the event, with follow-up questions. The length or the day and timing of the sessions were appropriate for the attendees and presenters. It was a great event that all are looking forward to this spring!

  9. Kip Morse, President Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio

    What a great opportunity to spend a few hours networking and engaging with folks from our community interesting in better themselves and discussing topics that we are all confronted with on a daily basis. I met so many great individuals and look forward to the next event.

  10. Gwen Blair Attendee - Orient, Ohio

    I want to give a huge THANK YOU to COPEC University! I attended four workshop sessions in February of this year. I have been thinking about future / Estate Planning and this was exactly what I needed to get me started. The speakers are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. There was no “selling” taking place whatsoever. The fact that the COPEC sponsors want to educate others impressed me from the start. I highly recommend the COPEC workshops and encourage others to take advantage of such cost effective educational opportunity.

  11. Matthew Byrne MyHealthQuoter.com

    Nowhere can you find more community leaders freely giving their expertise than at COPEC University. Clearly the best educational value in town. Great fun, great programs and great people.

  12. Amy Ryan Rued Attendee

    COPEC University provides participants with an opportunity to learn about issues facing older adults in an effective, comprehensive way. I encourage you to attend—you will gain a great deal!

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