Too Young To Retire — 2Y2R

Created: Business to Individual

The concept behind 2Y2R is that there are three main issues facing us as Boomers: Health, Wealth, and Staying Productive / Career / Work.  Jim facilitates the discussion to provide ideas on options available at any stage of life.  Experts on health and wealth are invited (from COPEC speakers) to provide invaluable advice in those related areas.  Most of us prefer or need to be gainfully employed, so staying productive is the main theme of the workshop.  Issues related to age discrimination in the job search are presented as well as strategies for being successful in your career at any age.  Whether it is becoming a volunteer, starting your own business, part-time work, or full-time endeavors,this workshop explores your choices in an interactive format.

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Jim Hatch
About Jim Hatch
Jim has transitioned several times in his career, most importantly from non-profit management to his passion of helping people move forward with their lives and careers.