The Honor of Caring for Your Elders | Advice for the Sandwich Generations

Created: Business to Individual

Aging doesn’t just affect the elderly. One in six Americans is caring for a family member — a duty that
consumes almost 21 hours a week beyond their regular full-time jobs. The impact on business owners in
employee turnover, lost productivity, and increased healthcare claims is $33.6 billion a year. And that’s only
your employees. What have you done to ensure you’re ready to care for the older adults in your life? For
that matter, what are you doing to make sure you’re taken care of? I know first hand that, for business owners,
planning is a way of live. However, when it comes to caring for aging parents – or preparing for our own future
– we rely on hope and luck. That’s not a good plan because the need to care for an older adult often
happens suddenly and with intensity. And it can impact your work/life balance and your company’s
profitability. Plan for the future today…

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