The Conversation | Living Your Golden Years Your Way

Created: Business to Individual

It’s hard to believe, but while 82% of older adults say it’s important to put their end-of-life wishes in writing, only
23% have done so. Research clearly shows that adults who have a plan in place tend to be more content
in their senior years. Led by Lori Wengerd, owner of Home Care Assistance, “The Conversation” is a
thought-provoking program that will help the audience understand the decisions that face us all as we age. The
presentation also explores how to best communicate your wishes to those who might need to make decisions
on your behalf. What is your likely future? • What will your options be and what will they cost? • What
decisions should you make now? • When and how do you share your wishes with loved ones? • How do you
bring up the subject with the older adults in your life? Have you considered your answers to these questions or
discussed them with the older adults in your life? It’s time.

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