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Every person you know has strong influence over 250 people.  Add up the number of people who would attend your wedding or your funeral and multiply that number by 250.  If just a fraction of this number are potential customers (or donors, employers, or hiring managers, etc) then that amounts to a steady stream of perpetual referrals! Even better news–you are connected to all of them one way or another through the people you know (and sometimes serve) right now. To this end, you must become a master networker. This means taking these connection beyond the screens of facebook and LinkedIn and learning how to build relationships by delivering value up front. You must master the art of giving.

Topics Addressed;

  • Learn how to build a pipeline of endless referrals (from the teachings of Bob Burg author of Endless Referrals and The Go-Giver).
  • How givers get more.
  • The value that empathic listening plays in making a sincere emotional connection.
  • How to remember names and faces more effectively
  • How to craft your 30-second commercial
  • Making the most of networking events

This Presentation will provide:

  1. An overview of specific steps to take–and attitudes to adopt–to become a master networker in your business.
  2. What mistakes to avoid when connecting with others (and how to recover when you make them)
  3. The “secret sauce” when it comes to building relationships with people you’ve just met
  4. How to set up a system through which endless referrals–when properly earned–will come your way seamlessly and routinely.

Remember…the supply of potential referrals out there is virtually endless. But it is still up to you not just to get them–but to earn them. This presentation will give you the tools you need to do just that, and exponentially increase the lifetime value of every customer you serve. Further, when you adopt the thinking and beliefs of what it means to be a giver, you will not only enrich your own life and your business, you become a model that others will want to emulate.

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Matthew Byrne
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Matthew Byrne has made a career helping people find affordable health insurance. He is the founder of Spiralight and, a Dublin-based brokerage providing health insurance for individuals, families and corporations.