Interviewing Secrets for Your Career Search

Created: Business to Individual

The most important phase of the job search process may be verbalizing your fitness to do the job AND be part of the team in the new environment.  Your application (and networking) will get you to second base but now YOU must impress them one more time to get an offer.  This workshop offers proven pointers on how to navigate the interview with positive, professional and precise answers.   This is a learned talent that is necessary and critical to your success!  In this interactive workshop, Jim will empower you to win the interview and get the offer.  From tell us about yourself and the exit statement to the salary and weakness questions, this workshop covers all the usual suspects in preparing your stories and answers for ultimate success.

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Jim Hatch
About Jim Hatch
Jim has transitioned several times in his career, most importantly from non-profit management to his passion of helping people move forward with their lives and careers.