Flexing Your Inner Caveman: KEYS to Change

Created: Business to Business

Change is always challenging because we default to our Inner Caveman: our fight or flight response takes over and interprets any change as a threat. As human beings we like comfort: we’re built to move toward “homeostasis:” our body’s default, our comfortable ways of doing and being. Change means that we have to adapt, to do something different than what is already comfortable. From a physical perspective, this protects us from approaching saber-tooth tigers and stray prehistoric hyenas. The problem is that our brains don’t distinguish between true physical threats and the emotional ones of today’s workplace. In our brains, the threats of potential job loss, reduced salaries and new and improved work processes are just as real and scary as the meat-eating predators of our ancestors.

We can adapt to change ONLY when we become intentional about how we see it and, thus, intentional about how we respond!

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