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Does your company implement a full and ongoing Financial Education Series to your employees? It is important to not underestimate the importance of offering comprehensive workplace financial education for the benefit of both the employees and employer. Workplace financial education remains the best arena for reaching the most people but is not living up to it’s potential. Also, if you provide a company sponsored retirement plan, you will want to qualify under your 404(c) protection by providing additional education opportunities to your participants.

To Establish an ongoing Financial Education Series:

  • Establish a frequency of education offerings (Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Select workshops that will fulfill a comprehensive learning experience including topics covering Financial Independence Planning, Investments, Insurance, Estate & Tax issues
  • Education programming will not conflict with current Retirement Plan offerings and education
  • Just select this option to set up your own customized Employee Financial Education Series. We will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting.
Sample 12 month offering schedule utilizing already established COPEC Programming
  • January – Understanding & Organizing Your Vital Documents
  • February – Financial Planning Basics – 10 Critical Aspects to Your Financial Wellness
  • March – Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores
  • April – Preparing for Retirement – Retirement Planning 10 Years Out
  • May – Estate Planning 101 – Basics
  • June – Investment Basics
  • July – Assisting Parents When They Need Your Help
  • August – College Planning or Housing Market & Home Ownership
  • September – Social Security Income & Medicare Planning
  • October – Retirement Income Decisions – Retirement Planning 2 Years Out
  • November – Estate Planning 102 – Advanced
  • December – Income Tax Preparation & Year End Strategies
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