Brain Fitness | Daily Decisions that Support Cognitive Health

Created: Business to Individual

The medical field is making progress on better understanding the brain, but there is a long way to go. Recent
studies on neuroplasticity give us good guidelines on how to strengthen the pathways that sharpen our
memory, attention, and language skills. More and more often, research is showing that the choices we make
every day can impact our brain health. With this presentation, Lori Wengerd, owner of Home Care Assistance,
shares information about habits that hurt and actions that help us retain cognitive capacity and build cognitive
reserve. But it’s not just a short-term fix: According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University, those
who undertake the right type of brain exercise — even for a short time — will continue to benefit for a decade
or more. Do crossword and jigsaw puzzles make a difference? Everyone knows that nutrition helps, but what
type of food makes the biggest difference? How can we use all of our senses in a better way? What type of
exercises help most? Are there things I need to STOP doing to keep my brain strong?

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