Tammy White

Tammy White

Chopra Center--Certified Instructor - Chopra Instructor of Central Ohio

Experience total awareness of the mind and body at all levels. Spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of oneself are integrated together, when properly connected, the result is an overall healthier lifestyle. Mitigate and manage stress, everyday!

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Tammy White, Chopra Center—Certified Instructor Upon meeting Tammy White, Chopra Center Certified Instructor, you will feel her warmth, compassion and true empathy for others. These heartfelt characteristics impact the positive effect that her instruction provides through Meditation. Tammy’s personal experience occurred during an amazing health transformation sixteen years ago, when she first introduced herself to the Deepak Chopra methodology and instruction. Life happened, one tragedy at a time. “I was physically and emotionally bankrupt!” As a result of reading an article featuring the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Tammy ventured to California. Upon her arrival, she was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety attacks, hair-loss, insomnia, and a cancer diagnosis. Western Medicine wanted to address her issues with immediate surgery, followed by continued medications for the balance of her life. Tammy decided to take another course of action. Tammy immersed herself in the Chopra Center principles of mind body medicine with Meditation as the core of the programs. Within just seven days….Tammy’s life was profoundly changed forever…..and she became a Chopra Center—Certified Instructor of the Primordial Sound Meditation Class in the year 2000. “The Certification was like getting a college degree in mind body medicine. Being able to help and heal others was the true motivation behind this decision. I really can’t imagine doing any other type of Instruction… I feel this is my calling.” Tammy plans to expand into Corporate Wellness Programs which will encourage mental and physical well-being within the workplace environment. Any open-minded individual who would like to enjoy inner peace, greater spiritual freedom and the benefit of a centered-life are individuals that Tammy would love to instruct. We are fortunate to have Tammy White accessible to us in Columbus, Ohio. In her case, she had to travel across the Country for an opportunity to change her life and change her health….of which, she would gladly do all over, again! Tammy White, Chopra Center--Certified Instructor, 614.565.8150, Tammy@ChopraInstructorCentralOhio.com

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Absenteeism not only effects the productivity of those who are absent, but those who may be asked to perform extra duties as a result of the employee who did not report for work.  The stress-cycle only intensifies, but by practicing Primordial Sound Meditation on a daily basis it can help you ...
Business to Business
There is a direct correlation between stress and disease.  Practicing Primordial Sound Meditation can lower blood pressure and enhance your employees sleep patterns so they come to work in a healthier and happier state of mind.  Less stress impacts the workforce with less disease and less insurance claims...it becomes a ...
Business to Business
Nowadays, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses.  Even though meditation should not be considered as a stand-alone cure, research has shown it to be beneficial for a wide range of health problems. Reduce the health problems and experience a productive, healthier and happier ...
Chopra Center for Wellbing Certified Instructor of the Primordial Sound Meditation Class