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If what you want is employees who show up every day and put in their time, move along…Janine isn't about that. If you want more from your employees, however…if you want the productivity that comes from emotionally committed workers, then Janine's message is for you. As a leader you want your organization to be agile and responsive to whatever industry or business challenge comes your way. It’s not an accident that some businesses are better at this than others. Janine works with business leaders who want more resilient and agile employees, who respond to change with little resistance and with enthusiasm for success. Janine's speaking topics deal with change, building employee loyalty and turning Employees into Partners who work toward your business success. Janine’s unique experiences have made her practical, thought provoking, direct and challenging. She has experienced “work” from the handle of a hoe on a family farm to a C-level position at a utility company. As a “Corporate Wars” veteran, she has directed enterprise and not-for-profit organizations, developed and implemented human capital strategies and coached hundreds to define their goals, eliminate challenges and trust themselves to engage and achieve. She’s consulted and facilitated learning in businesses large and small, in varied industries and in office, field and manufacturing settings. She shapes learning within organizations by using her deep leadership experience, her knowledge of the changing nature of work and workers, and her extensive experience in engaging people to do their best work. She’s best at guiding people away from fear and toward strength. Janine has the credentials (corporate leadership, master's degree; master coaching certification) to match her experience and so brings a depth to organizations that few others can. All of her services are about Learning, tailored to bring a mix of experience and cutting-edge information about how brains and minds can be leveraged to tackle unknown challenges with unfamiliar tools.

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Business to Business
The changing workforce is a constant challenge: it’s diverse, it’s aging and much of it may lack commitment to your business growth…and that can spell disaster for your business! This seminar reviews the challenges presented by today’s changing workforce as well as approaches to keeping the best and brightest of ...
Business to Business
As work, home, the economy and society continue to throw change and challenge your way, how are you coping? Does your resilience help you bounce back or are you struggling to handle set-backs, big and small? Resilience can be strengthened by learning how to leverage your brain and mind: knowing ...
Business to Business
If you’ve experienced the disquiet of employees, you know that most are continually looking for “greener grass”…a better job, a better employer, better conditions, etc. But what if you could actually BE the greener grass that employees seek? You really can keep the employees you want and lose those you ...
Business to Business
Change is always challenging because we default to our Inner Caveman: our fight or flight response takes over and interprets any change as a threat. As human beings we like comfort: we’re built to move toward "homeostasis:" our body’s default, our comfortable ways of doing and being. Change means that ...
Business to Business
Each of the four generations in today’s workplace brings very different—and often contradictory—values, beliefs and expectations to work where the success of the organization depends upon their strengths and collaboration. Never before have four so different generations worked side-by-side: loyal Traditionalists; idealistic Baby Boomers; pragmatic Gen X-ers; and confident Millennials. ...
Business to Business
People are your most critical and flexible asset, yet they often come with Drama... drama that gets in the way of work getting done. Human beings come with emotions: learning how and when to manage your own emotions as well as how to productively guide others' emotions is at the ...
Business to Business
People are the critical assets of business in the “Information/Service” economy, and people come with emotions. Success in today’s economy requires creativity, flexibility, resilience, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and collaboration and conflict skills from these assets, and sometimes emotions get in the way. Emotional Savvy is knowing how to welcome and ...
The Ohio State University M.A. Communications
Bowling Green State University B. Sc. Education/English & Speech
Franklin University Adjunct Faculty

Teach in Bachelor's Applied Psychology Program and the Master's of Business Psychology Program

Career Coach Institute Master Certified Career Coach