Schedule Financial Wellness education programming opportunities for your company or department.

The Central Ohio Professional Education Council (COPEC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that offers a variety of financial educational opportunities to your employees at no cost. You can schedule speakers for on-site presentations (minimum of 25 attendees) or webinars (no minimum) on topics such as: Basics of Retirement Planning, Understanding Investments, Social Security and Medicaid, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, Critical Aspect of Financial Planning, and much more. Contact us using the form on the right (if on desktop), or below (if on mobile) to schedule a speaker!

Thanks to the COPEC (a 501C3 organization) Education outreach mission, all programs are at no cost to the public and without direct product or services sales. If you are looking for a speaker to provide wellness education to your company or organization, COPEC speakers are ready to come to you. No marketing gimmicks. No sales motives. Learn more about COPEC here.

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